my bashful secrets

This is the real me. The simple, bashful secrets of a not so simple girl.

breakfast, lunch, dinner. 
It’s bad, don’t judge me.
I have an odd fascination with smoking.

I know you’re all shook up.

All Ive eaten today is a no bake. 

I have no appetite.

Im depressed, for no reason.

I miss him…………

like a lot. 

I just ran into him.

I hate myself.

I hate everything.

I hate my friends.

I have no one.

What the fuck did I do?

goddamn it.

fucking sorry, damn.

He doesn’t care at all. 

like at all.

more diet soda.

more starving.


he’d forgive a skinny girl.


Schoodic Point!
I took this picture last week. how precious.



I know you told Billy you wanted too. Just do it, because I like you a lot. 

What the fuck do you expect?

I hate it when girls are like “I dont trust guys because every guy has broken my heart!” 

Are you kidding me? When you start with a guy, who ever expects it to end with rainbows and bunnies? no one. 

I have been cheated on by every fucking single former boyfriend of mine. But do I hold the next accountable? no.

And I understand, you might not want the heartbreak and that’s fine but you can’t ignore all men because everyone before you broke your heart. Its not fair, at all. 

Wahh wahh, everyone’s gonna break your heart, you are no different from every other girl, get over it.

I feel like I have more followers than I do, what ever. Im loving everything right now. Cigarettes and no bakes cookies all day today, I have the flu so Im staying home. I KNOW, fuck no bakes. but I only eat two, and thats probably all Ill eat today….. 
thats a damn lie, I eat more than that. But I do work it off so its okay. 
Still not okay I know hahaha, I suck.
So I have a new love interest, his name is Cory, he is so fucking great. Im having a fantastic week because of him. but hey check out this pretty picture I took! fat legs I know blah blah.  
I hope everyone is doing well, all empty too! and hey if you aren’t, don’t fret. Everyone has their bad days, start now! 
I got glasses so Ill post a picture of it later, I actually like them.
xoxoxo my loves.


Having a fantastic weekend. Been hungry all day today and yesterday. Hooked up with a super hot Guy named Cory who is apparently fairly interested in me!! AND I REACHED MY FIRST GOAL WEIGHT. fucking go me.

I have a crush on my English teacher

He touched my shoulder LOL made my day

I’m scared to talk to hot guys.