my bashful secrets

This is the real me. The simple, bashful secrets of a not so simple girl.

I feel like I have more followers than I do, what ever. Im loving everything right now. Cigarettes and no bakes cookies all day today, I have the flu so Im staying home. I KNOW, fuck no bakes. but I only eat two, and thats probably all Ill eat today….. 
thats a damn lie, I eat more than that. But I do work it off so its okay. 
Still not okay I know hahaha, I suck.
So I have a new love interest, his name is Cory, he is so fucking great. Im having a fantastic week because of him. but hey check out this pretty picture I took! fat legs I know blah blah.  
I hope everyone is doing well, all empty too! and hey if you aren’t, don’t fret. Everyone has their bad days, start now! 
I got glasses so Ill post a picture of it later, I actually like them.
xoxoxo my loves.
  • 4 April 2012
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